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Praising God but still need some hugs

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This has been a challenging Christmas season! First, I lost the work I was doing at home. As a single mom with no other income, that has been hard. Our church family has helped immensely. I'm working a seasonal retail job and will find out today if I'll be kept on or not! I've put in application after application with no results. Since I was doing contract work, I'm not eligible for unemployment.


This morning, my daughters and I were running a few errands. We were not gone more than an hour and a half. While we were gone, our front door was kicked in and our apartment burgled. Our neighbor's apartment was also burgled but it appears the thieves may have been scared away before taking much from that apartment. Our apartment was trashed and most of my girls Christmas presents were taken along with other things. They also took all our library DVDs...left the books. hmmm probably didn't recognize all the value in our home library! Clearly weren't homeschooled! The manager of our local library is great. With the police report, the fines will be waived and we won't lose our library privileges. Calling the library was the easiest chore. I have to work tonight so tackling the mess in the apartment will have to wait. We also have to search to determine what all was taken to give a list to the police.


Still, this I know. God is good and worthy to be praised...so I'm praised God through the tears.


I would very much appreciate your prayers for a decent job for me and that the thieves repent and turn to God. I would also very much appreciate just some hugs!


Thanks so much!


Blessings and Merry 4th Day of Christmas



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