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Anyone with teens having to deal with this? Now that my 15 year old sons public school friends are out on Christmas break, he is getting many requests from these friends for night time activities. We didn't really stop home schooling now, so its still a school night and I would like to keep our routine as is. Ugh...it seems that his social life is becoming more important now that he is 15. What to do?

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My DD 13 has a curfew on school nights. I want her to be home at 9pm.

(If, however, she is getting a ride from one of her friends, 10pm is fine - I do not want to restrict those girls who save me a lot of driving by demanding DD to be home too early; so it is a tradeoff for MY convenience.) No sleepovers on school nights.

On weekends or right now (we take a week off school) DD has no curfew. She is either at her friend's or at the barn. She can stay late at the barn, but must let me know by 9pm what the arrangements for transportation are. She can stay overnight at her friend's, but must let me know by 10pm.

I would not yet allow her to watch late night shows at the movie theater or "go out".

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