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MFW High school

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I am so sorry for all my questions on this board and the other boards (I know some of you are on both) This is the time of year I get hairy about next year school for some reason :glare:



Ok.... So I am switching my younger 3 kids to MFW next year, my oldest will be in 8th next year so we are going to continue with what we are doing then switch her in high school. The high school curriculum shows 3 years, Ancients, World and US. Then when it shows the 4 year high school plan it shows the 4 year history cycle. How does that work? Do they stretch the 3 years out into 4 years? Do I have to buy anything else for the missing year? Is the 10th grade year the end of ancients/very beginning of world? :confused:

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The 4th year of MFW high school is being piloted by test families this year and will be available in 2011 to the general market and probably on display at conventions in spring. It'll be there by fall of 2011. Last touches are being done with the help of those test families.


year 1, AHL is Ancient History and follows timing of Old Testament

year 2 WHL is "world history" from time of Rome to modern.


year 3, (US1) US focus with gov't. It covers up to 1877 so that it parallels the CLEP exam for US history.


year 4, (US2) 1877-mod, US part II. plus econ unit.





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