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need advice on buying a camera

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I would like an inexpensive (under or around 100) digital camera. I would prefer something that is easy to use and easy to download the pictures.

Intended usage for sharing pictures via email and facebook and posting pictures of sale items on craigslist and etsy.


Is there such a camera? Does anyone have experience making decent pictures (like for items listed for sale on etsy).


Thanks for your help.


PS if you know of a good tutorial for making and posting clear pictures of products, I'm sure I can use all the help I can get.:tongue_smilie:

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I have the EasyShare C613. My mom has the same one. Its all she uses and she's happy enough with it. But I've used a DSLR before (like a professional range camera) and I've hated the quality that the EasyShare has.


I don't know about the C700 series, but my C613 takes very poor video in any light except bright daylight (even then its pretty dark). The pictures are really hit and miss. Usually the flash is so bright that the photos are pretty washed out looking. Without the flash, like in bright sunlight, the photos are okay.


On a budget though, its probably a pretty good deal. I know that the Kodak EasyShare cameras are pretty popular.

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I have a Kodak Easy Share C613. I've been pretty happy with it. It does require decent lighting. I have some pictures I took of my dd's Lego Taj Mahal (still working on it) in the thread about what kids haven't been able to put down since Christmas.


It has done everything I've needed it to do.


I bought my 17yo a Nikon Coolpix for Christmas. She needed higher quality (starting graphic art major next year). My camera was about $100 last year. The Nikon I bought my dd was about $160 on sale.

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I asked this same question on a couple of boards last month. It was highly recommended to go with a Canon. Several people recommended the Canon Powershot A3100IS. I started pricing it, and it was out of my price range ($169 and up) . But, then someone posted that it was on sale for $89 at Target. I bought two of them, one for dd for Xmas and one for me. We both love our cameras.

I was told that anything over 9 or 10 megapixels is unnecessary, you want optical zoom, and optical image stabilizer.

OK, I just checked Target's website and they have it as price cut for $109.99. Not as good a deal as last month, but still a good deal. It's 12.1 megapixels.

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I would suggest a Canon or Nikon lower end over a Kodak. Kodaks tend to produce grainy pictures, especially in low light. You can get some of the Nikon Coolpix cameras for a pretty decent price.


I agree. I bought a Kodak Easyshare without doing my homework (it was cyber Monday and I thought I was getting a great deal) -- now I wish I had gotten a Canon or a Nikon. My pictures are often blurry and the video is grainy.

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I agree with staying away from Kodak. I got one used once for my son and we both hated the pictures.


I have a little cannon that I just keep in my purse. It is an older version (8mpix) of this one:




I have found it perfect to keep in my purse and is so handy to always have a camera available.



Nikon is good, but I also have been impressed with the Sony Point and Shoot cameras and have 2 of them, both older models but still work.


I have transitioned over into the DSLR world, but honestly, I find that the upper end P&S are more my speed....I need a few classes before I can use my DSLR properly!

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I got my girls each a Canon A3100IS for Christmas. They've taken some great shots, and I've had no problem getting the pictures off (using Picasa). It's a straightforward camera with some nice features. The firmware is good, and face detection is better than on my Canon G9. One nice feature is that autofocus switches automatically between macor mode and regular mode -- I don't know how many horrible pictures I've taken only to find out the reason is that I haven't turned off macro mode. :tongue_smilie: The only downside is the VGA video, but if video is a important feature for you. Here's the Steve's Digicam review.

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