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Scotland Yard Question (game)

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Okay, so I haven't tried playing this yet, but my husband did. They gave up saying it seemed like there was no way to ever figure out where Mr. X was. He thought he might be doing something wrong.


I know some people recommended this game. What can you tell me? Pretty please?

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Hi Dawn!

We just offered this to ds...have not played, yet, though...


My memory is not fresh (must be about 20 years:001_huh:!) but I played this a lot as a kid...


It does take quite some time (1h plus...) to figure out Mr X, but it DOES work...


Good Luck!



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We love this game! In our house, Mr X never wins, but has come close once or twice. You need to work together to circle him. When he shows himself, start cutting off his exits. Each person is critical at thinking where he could have gone. Until he shows himself the first time, get to underground stations to be able to get as close as possible to either his known location or to stop an escape route (by being on an underground station he could go to).


It's really fun trying to be Mr X and winning!

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