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Recipe for Two Needed!!

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A close friend of mine just called and said that she'd booked a villa for herself for New Year's Eve at a pretty nice resort near us in Atlanta, but has now decided she doesn't want to be alone. She invited me to go with her and I don't have to pay! All I have to do is cook dinner on Friday night (which is fine with me, because I've tasted her cooking.....).


Anyway, I need some ideas for what to make. There's no grill and for some reason I can't broil a steak to save my life, so that's out. There will only be two of us so I don't want to make a lasagna or something else that will have six tons of leftovers.


Thoughts? She doesn't like shell fish, so no shrimp.


Does anyone have a favorite light but elegant pasta dish? Maybe something with chicken in it? Even beef would be fine as long as it isn't a steak that I'll ruin.


Help me plan something nice, please! All the way to dessert.

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