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Want ideas for camp themed sleepover

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I'd like to do a summer camp themed sleepover for my kids, nieces and nephews and am trying to come up with ideas. There are 8 kids between 7-11and two older 12 and 15.



Here are my ideas:


-My dd (12) and I came up with Camp Wikiwonka (just a fun name) or Cousins Camp or Wikiwonka Cousins Camp.

-The two older girls will be Counselors with coordinated t-shirts.

-For supper do hobos or a huge spaghetti feed dumped out and spread around on plastic covered table.

-Create a camp banner together

-Make tie-dyed camp t-shirts

-Watch a camp movie (like Ernest Goes To Camp, or Camp Rock, etc.)

-Maybe set up a simple dome tent in the dining room for fun/play

-Maybe create some simple challanges similar to what they have on Survivor

-Possibly make a bon fire out in the snow if the weather is warm enough and calm.


Any other ideas or suggestions-big or small? This is way more than we could probably do, but am just looking to make a really memorable event for all the kids. Thanks!

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Wow!! Sounds like fun!! I'd like the spaghetti feed, but even as a kid would'a freaked at the germs of sharing.... Course... I am kinda germ phobic :) But... everything looks really great!!

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Oh... and if you ask moms and dads to pitch in... you could make "Camp T-shirts" for the kids...or let them decorate t-shirts
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How fun! I grew up doing spaghetti parties like this: if there's 8 kids, get 8 paper bags. Put one funky container and one funky utensil in each bag. Make it VERY difficult to eat out of. Some ones we've used: ice cube tray paired with chopsticks, tall vase paired with a whisk, a freezer bag paired with a spatula, a tea kettle paired with tongs. Staple the bags shut and send them on a scavenger hunt. When they sit with their sealed bag, explain the rules to them. Here they are: you will eat with the mystery instruments in the bag. Containers must stay flat on the table. You cannot use your bare hands to eat. You must not wipe spills up. The cleanest person who finishes all their spaghetti wins a prize. It's always loads of fun and a great photo op! :D



Here are some other ideas that my dd's camp did: the counselors had small notebooks, one for each child. At the end of each day it was notebook time. All the kids took turns writing notes to each of the other children. They were encouraging notes, such as "I like what you said about..." or "You are a great singer!" or "thank you for helping so-and-so today, it shows you have a great heart." At the end of the camp, each took their notebooks home and got to read them. It has served as a wonderful reminder to my dd that she is a super kid and people see her positive traits. Great for a rainy day!


Scavenger hunts are always huge on my list. It's great to work in teams, either splitting the kids in half or pairing the olders with the youngers in teams of two. You can make really great lists and hide some things to make it even more fantastic.


Definitely make smores, and if there is snow, have the kids put some clean snow in a bowl and pour warmed maple syrup over it for a yummy treat. If you don't mind spending a few dollars, get a couple black lights (just bulbs for a regular lamp or lantern work well) and enough cans of neon silly string for each child. It's over in 20 minutes but the memories last a lifetime. My dd did this a while ago in my living room with some friends and they cherish the memories. It was very messy, but they cleaned it all up afterwards and smooshed the strings into big gloppy balls. :D It was great fun!

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