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Are my kids going to destroy the aquadoodle?

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Thanks to suggestions here, we got DD1 an aquadoodle for Christmas. It's a hit with all four kids!


However, the big kids keep dumping water on it. BIG spots of water, which dried with a large water spot/ring on it.


I just walked in on DS8, who covered the ENTIRE surface with water using the paint brush that comes with it. The whole thing is blue. I sure hope it dries ok.

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We've had an aquadoodle for the last year. Every time the kids play with it, they resort to the dumping of water you've referred to. It has always dried just fine and been usable for us afterwards. (And by usable, I mean they can dump a bunch of water on it again. :tongue_smilie:) I think as long as it dries it's just fine.

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