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I was reading through some old blog posts and just had to share this bit

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This is from when dd was 4 years old and we were doing our first year of homeschooling with ds for 4th grade.



This morning my daughter brought me the telephone. Okay, well, it was her telephone. The little blue plastic one.

“Mom,†she announced, “it’s for you.â€

“Who is it?†says I.

“It’s Ern,†she explains, as if I should know who Ern is. Evidently Ern and I go waaay back.

“Oh…who’s Ern?†I ask stupidly.

“Mom.†She’s disgusted. She sighs. She rolls her eyes. She speaks very slowly and carefully so as not to unduly confuse the village idiot. “Mom. Ern is your invisible friend.â€

“Oh, okay,†I say, trying not to stutter or drool or do something else that might make me look as dumb as I feel. “Um…is Ern a girl or a boy?â€

More sighs. More eye rolling. “Mom. Ern is a girl AND a boy. She wants to talk to you Mom. He’s waiting.â€

So Ern and I had a lovely little chat on the blue plastic phone–(s)he is…like…the invisible friend I never even new I had. And I decided that maybe more of the Life Science lessons on snails and worms had sunk in over there on the Preschool side of the table than I thought…



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