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Update on my sister's separation

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Remember how this past summer I posted about my bil walking out on my sister and nephew? Update on the whole situation. BIL figured out VERY quickly that the problem in the marriage had not been my sister like he thought but was himself. He started going to counselling, and then the 2 of them restarted couples counselling. He has been there for my nephew completely and they often still hung out as a family. Well they are officially back together. He has not moved back in yet, they want to do some more couples counselling first, but officially they are back together. He is spending Christmas dinner with us, and I ended up trading names with him for the sibling gift exchange(I have had his name for teh last 2 years before now anyway, may as well make it 3).


Last night my ds7 had a little comment that broke the awkwardness for us. We were talking to my nephew 2 about what he asked Santa for, and ds7 pipes up "You already got your christmas gift, you got your dad back". I swear you could hear a pin drop, then bil says "I am going to take a bite of food so if anyone else wants to say something now is your chance while my mouth was full". THat was enough to get everyone laughing and break the worry about saying the wrong thing.


I have been praying for her since he left and I am so glad things are working out for them. She truely did not want her marriage to be over and was very upset when he left, but things seem to be coming around in a very positive way.

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