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I want rum balls - but I'm allergic to nuts and chocolate

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Anyone have any ideas for how to make something approximating a rum ball that doesn't involve nuts or chocolate? All the recipes I've found use two of my special allergens!


Maybe I'll just have to have cookies along with a rum and coke.


We're only getting to our cookie baking today! We plan to continue with the feasting and holiday right into January, seeing as we've only just started. I hate having Christmas be the big day that can get spoiled by so many things - so I've procrastinated away all the expectations. My older daughter doesn't start back at college until mid-January. I figure we just won't start school for my other daughter until then. (Or maybe it will be unschooling --we can count rum balls! If we can figure out how to make them without the chocolate or nuts. And if we can figure out how to fit that into a 10th grade learning expectation.)

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