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A note on threads and how I love this sub-forum!

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I love how this sub-forum is turning into one most excellent conversation, dude (sorry couldn't help myself). I wanted to throw out this tip, don't pass up a thread just because you don't think the title pertains to you. I've passed over several threads initially that seemed irrelevant to our curriculum or our methodology. Upon opening them I've found some great wisdom and information, because of the way the conversation transpired. Thank you all for making this a great board.

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I completely agree! There have been a couple I read late because I thought they didn't apply to me, but I noticed they had gotten big, and as I read them, I thought, wow!


I'm very thankful for this new subforum.



DD1&2 are sleeping in, so I'm reading through the forum whilst I wait for them to wake. There's flu going round, so today may well turn out to be a duvet day. Except for poor DS, who is revising for five exams.

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