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how about a 2nd grade thread? What are you planning??


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My 2nd grader next year will do much of what my past 2 second graders have done:


Reading: Various books from library most history based/classical lit.


Writing: WWE2


Grammar: Growing With Grammar 2 (and then we move into R&S in 3rd grade)


Math: Math Mammoth 2/3 (he's already started 2)


History: continue with SOTW3 (we're just starting it now) and then we'll cycle back to ancients skipping modern history for now


Science: Elemental Science Chem (starting now) and then we'll move into Physics


Art: various art projects I find on the web


Music: piano and things based off of Classical Conversations


Memorization: AWANA and memory work from CC (we just do it at home)


Geography: drawing a world map a la The Core, SOTW maps


Handwriting: Will take care of this with copy work from WWE... I don't know if this child is ready for cursive or not. We'll maybe try it and if it goes south we'll wait until 3rd grade


Bible: I'm not sure yet. Probably a Grapevine study, but maybe Bible Study Guide for All Ages

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We aren't changing much from this year:


LA: SWR, WWE2, FLL2/3, Finish SL Readers 2 int and start Readers 2 Adv.


Math: Sinapore PM 3B-4A (or 4B), Finish Horizons 3 and start 4, Miquon Yellow/Purple, Zacarro PCM, CWP 3


Science: Noeo Physics I


History/Geography/Literature: Finish SL Core 1 and start Core 2


Latin: Prima Latina


Geography: Lots of fun stuff


Art: I Can Do All Things and AP book 1


Bible: SL and HGTA Art and the Bible with Vos' Bible Storybook

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My current 2nd grader is using:


SL Core 4 History and read alouds (tag along with brother)

SL Core 3 Readers

A Reason for Handwriting



Singapore 2B, 3A and 3B

Apologia Astronomy and Botany

Bible program (SL recommended but can't recall the name)

piano lessons



I think that is it.:001_smile:

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I did the 4th grade thread for my older, and now I can do the 2nd for my younger. I can't believe she will be 2nd next year!


I have planned for her so far:

R&S math 2 (she will probably move into 3 before the end of the year.)

R&S English 2

R&S Phonics 1&2 finish 1, move into 2 when we get there.

R&S Music 2, learn recorder, and units based on Core Knowledge on Composers

R&S Spelling 2

R&S Penmanship 2 and copywork

Drawing with Children

Reading: she will probably not be done with R&S reading 1 by then, so we will work on that until complete. Then she will move into WTM style reading/narrations when ready.

Latin: listens into older sis's Latin Christiana. I will start her on PL in 3rd.


SOTW 3&4 will finish 3 in the fall sometime and move into 4. We will also do some state history next year.


Science: No idea yet. We will be doing Physics and Computers, and she follows along w/my olders' rotation. But I haven't researched yet.


Memorization: poetry, states, presidents, Bible Verses are on the schedule for the next year and a half or so.


Obviously her focus is still on the basics at this point. She follows along w/older sis for the content studies and has co-op classes. Don't know what for next year yet, besides P.E. of some sort.

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Bible: reading from NKJV following this list


LA: TOG upper grammar lit

MCT Island


R&S Spelling

Cursive First (maybe)


Math: Math Mammoth 2B/3A


Science: interest led, nature study


History/Geography/Art: TOG ~ will start with 2nd half of Year 2 and go through ?????


Health: Proper Health and Manners(state requires or I wouldn't bother:tongue_smilie:)


Spanish: La Clase Divertida

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I just finished my plans for next year a couple of days ago - wanted to start collecting books with Christmas money. :D



2nd grade


Math - Singapore Primary Math 2A/2B


English - Galore Park Junior English 1, Classical Writing Aesop Part A


Science - Galore Park Junior Science 1


American History - Geomatters Paths of Exploration Book 2


Humanities - Galore Park Junior History 1, online Chronology class


Latin - online class


French - Skoldo Primary French 1


Religion - online class


P.E. - year long - gymnastics, seasonal - swimming, soccer, baseball


As a family - (year long studies) Aesop's Fables, Marine science, running program, evening read alouds

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Well, since we're starting in January for first grade (did half of first grade and all of K in private school), I have the following planned for 2nd grade, but it might change if the things we're using now are bombs during first grade:


Math: Math Mammoth 2/3 (will start 2A sometime this spring and might be ready for 3A by fall), throwing in MEP and Miquon as supplements

Science: Elemental Science Biology

History/Bible: Biblioplan Ancients w/SOTW + AG (starting this in January and making it last through 2nd grade)

Reading: CLE Reading (whatever level he ends up on by then)

Phonics: Finish up OPGTR if we haven't already

Spelling: Rod & Staff Spelling 3 or I might start Sequential Spelling 1 which I have here already

Grammar: Rod & Staff English (we're starting level 2 in January, so might be ready to move on or might just take it slow... not sure yet!)

Writing: Writing With Ease level 2

Handwriting: Finish HWT 2 if we haven't already, do lots of copywork, maybe start Pentime cursive

Read-Alouds: Pull from WWE selections

Music: Piano, listen to classical and jazz regularly

Art: Draw Write Now and maybe an Artpac or something (I'm not big on art, and so far, my kids aren't either)

Foreign Language: I have a couple Spanish workbooks, so we're going to play with that as we get time - he asked to learn Spanish, and I wanted him to anyway. My 4 year old has watched Salsa, but it's probably bordering on babyish for my 6.5 year old.

PE: Hockey

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Ariel will be doing 2nd grade work in January, though she's first grade by age, so this is what we have now and a tentative plan for when she'll be second grade aged:


We start in January:

Math: MEP 2, Miquon

LA: Dancing Bears Reading, Apples & Pears Spelling A, Oak Meadow 2nd Grade

Science/History/Art: Oak Meadow 2

PE: Angel Bear Yoga, horseback riding, swimming

Music: Bastien Piano Basics level 1


For additional stuff, should we decide to do it, because we have it: BFSU, Art Adventures at Home, Jolly Grammar


2012 (extremely tentative, obviously), based on stuff I already have :blush::

Math: MEP 3, Miquon

LA: Apples & Pears Spelling B, WWE 2, possibly some of the 7-9 lit units from Moving Beyond the Page

Science: BFSU

History: Interest-led, possibly CHOW or Our Island Story. I may break down and buy SOTW2 after reviewing SOTW1.

Art: Atelier, either level 2 or 3

PE: horseback riding, swimming, dance

Music: Piano

Foreign Language: possibly Lively Latin or SSL

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This is just the plan, I am still shaky on some things. We school year round, with approx. 7 weeks off throughout the year.


Language Arts- Mcruffy 4th (I hope this is ready when we are)

Math- Saxon 5/4

Science- Nancy Larson


Geography-Trail Guide(not sure if we are doing the US or World guide)

Art/Music- I am looking at the Calvert school enrichment series. Plus piano lessons.

Foreign Language- Arabic and I would like him to start a beginner spanish program but we will see.

Religion- Islamic/Quaranic Studies.


Can't wait to see what everyone else is doing for more inspiration!



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Wow, I am impressed with everyone planning for next year. I am still plugging away at THIS year. :001_smile:


What we are using now for 2nd Grade:


Horizons 2 Math

ETC 5-8

Daily Grammar

Pathway Readers


SOTW 1/History Odyssey

Sequential Spelling

Science-Library Books and Janice VanCleave book for experiments


DS also does Zoo School and Earth School through local homeschool groups.


We're going to start Song School Latin in January and also a light geography course with books from the library and a new globe he will receive tomorrow. :D

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My 2nd grader now is using:


Bible - About to start Apologia's Who is God? Have done Kay Arthur's James.


History - MOH2 with audio SOTW2


Science - AIG's God's Design - Life series


Math - CLE 200 - will finish this early - not sure what to do?


LA & Reading -CLE 200


English From the Roots Up


Co-op classes also...

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I saw the 4th grade thread. What about 2nd grade? Anyone planning ahead yet?


If your child is in second grade this year, what are you currently using? Likes? Dislikes?





Ds is starting 2nd grade in January.

he will be using:


CLE Reading 200

CLE LA 100 books 106-110

BJU Math and Miquon Maths

SOTW 4 with his older sibs

A Beka Science 3 with 3rd grade brother.

Ambleside Online Year 1


We do Bible, Art & Music Appreciation, read-alouds, etc. as a family. We may begin Latin this semester with ds 7, ds 9 & dd 13 together. We will see what time allows.....



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Reading: We'll tie into our history and science, no formal curricula


Writing: Writing Tales 1


Grammar: R&S 3


Spelling: I'm not sure yet.


Math: Singapore 2A/2B/3A? along with Math Mammoth by topic


History: Romans, Reformers, and Revolutionaries along with Usborne


Science: Earth/space science


Art: Artistic Pursuits


Music: piano


French: Le Francais Facile


Memorization: I have a schedule for this I'm working out


Geography: mapping and terms


Bible: We're going to go through the New Testament


Catechism: Continue to memorize

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My daughter did second grade last year. This is what she used:


SL 2 (History, Science, Bible, Read-Alouds, Readers, but NO LA)


A Reason for Handwriting (transitioned to cursive)

CLE Math





Atelier Art


IEW's Poetry Memorization

http://www.sheppardsoftware.com for geography


I have to say, whenever I participate in these threads and list out our curriculum, it seems so simple. It makes me wonder why on earth it takes us so long to finish each day!



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Language Arts (Complete): Phonics Road 2

Additional Reading: Pathway Reading, plus whatever she chooses, of course.

Math: Rightstart C, Singapore CWP, Math Mammoth 2 (as a supplement)

Science: Complete BFSU, then Galore Park Junior Science

Geography: Trail Guide to World Geography

History: I'm not sure about this one. I don't love SOTW1, but I don't know what else I would use, so probably SOTW2.

Art: Artistic Pursuits and an outside art class

Music: Piano lessons

P.E.: Home school P.E. classes at the Y

Spanish: This will depend. We will either put her in Spanish lessons somewhere or possibly use La Clase Divertida. She'll definitely do Spanish, though.


We will be moving to a state with some virtual academies that actually look pretty great, so there's a chance we'll sign up with a VA at that point That might change our elective selections because they'd be available through the VA, but we'll have to see. I do love our freedom, but the ones I'm looking at look pretty unrestrictive and they'd offer some social opportunities for DD that really interest me, so we'll see.

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I have to say, whenever I participate in these threads and list out our curriculum, it seems so simple. It makes me wonder why on earth it takes us so long to finish each day!


I agree. It also makes me wonder how I spend so much time researching and planning! It seems straightforward enough and I'm not designing my own curriculum (except for geography this year).

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I have a second grader this year and I will have one next year as well. This is what we are using this year and I plan to repeat next year:


2nd Grade

Spelling: Spell to Write and Read

Phonics: SWR w/Explode the Code 4-6

Reading: Sonlight Easy Readers & Leveled readers

Grammer: First Language Lessons

Math: CLE 2

Science: R & S Patterns of Nature

Music: Piano Lessons

Bible: BJU Bible 2

Geography: Tagging (ECC)

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My middle child will be in 2nd grade next year. Here's what I have planned:


LA: WWE, IEW Poetry Memorization, AAS, Sonlight? (I still have some thinking and investigating to do)

Math: McRuffy and MM

Science: Noeo biology (tweaked)

History: History Odyssey Ancients (we're not doing a 4 year cycle)

Geography: The Complete Book of Maps and Geography

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Math -- Math Mammoth Blue Series, Kumon Math, Open Math Lab

English -- Cursive Copywork & Dictation, AAS 2/3, Homophones, FLL 3, WWE 2, Memory Work & Recitation


Latin -- Prima Latina, oral songs & prayers


French -- French for Kids (Sara Jordan), French for Kids (Language Tree), Little Explorers French (Enchanted Learning)


History -- (United States History I up to 1850s) Sonlight 3 w/Advanced Readers, Beautiful Feet Early American History

Geography -- United States Geography


Science -- Earth Science


Physical Fitness -- Bounce House, Swimming, Park Days, Family Hiking

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The 2nd grade plan, thus far, is...


Bible: Veritas Press Genesis-Joshua


LA: SWR, WWE2, FLL3/SE, miscellaneous literature


Math: RightStart D, Singapore PM (w/CWP)


History: Veritas Press OTAE & NTGR combined


Geography: a la The Core


Science: God's Design for Life


Memorization: CC Cycle 3 (possibly also IEW Poetry Memorization and SSL)


Other: CC Cycle 3, fiddle, swimming or gymnastics


...w/devotion time separate from Bible (done individually), as is Character Building/Manners.

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We're halfway through 2nd grade and I've pretty much been pleased with everything we're using below... Except science, which is my fault for just being really bad about getting it done. I broke down and ordered Nancy Larson science today, which I probably should have done back in August but was hoping to find something cheaper that I loved. I liked RSO when we actually did it, the problem was we rarely did it b/c I never had the right materials or hadn't gotten the books in through library loan yet, etc. What really pushed me over the edge was when I found out our library is discontinuing ILL for a month while they update their system. I'm going to use Science 1 with both my K and 2nd grade boys. Everything else listed below is going beautifully for 2nd grade.

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DD will be in 2nd grade next year though she's scheduled to start some of this curricula in a couple months.


Reading, LA and Math~CLE 200


Science~interest led science

Latin~song school Latin

Spanish~co-op Spanish and Salsa Spanish videos


Art~Art With A Purpose and other fun projects


We have a very similar plan, but I'm looking for something to do for history instead of SOTW. My daughter just doesn't enjoy listening to either the audio CD or me reading it to her, though, she'd happily do the activities only.

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Starting in June:


My dd will be doing:


HWOT Cursive

Sequential Spelling 1

Singapore 1b and 2a

Song School Greek


Together with her brother:

Bible- catechism, memory using The Harrow family

cD's, and daily reading.

SOTW 3 with activity guide

RS4K pre Level 1 Chemistry


Piano Lessons


For reading she just reads good books.

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My current second grader does:


Spelling Workout C



Poetry memorization (I pick different poems than those in FLL.)

Singapore 2B- about to start, just finished 2A

MEP- as a supplement sometimes

Science: Earth science using library books, nature center classes and the Delta Science in a Nutshell kits

History: SOTW Medieval

Lively Latin- Big Book 1


I really love the Science in a Nutshell kits, that's been one of the favorites this year. We also both really like Lively Latin.


Reading is just what he wants to read, plus we always have one read-aloud going and one audiobook in the car. He wants to start HWOT Cursive so we plan on that in Jan.


I've been spotty about music and art this past semester but we have Artistic Pursuits which I like a lot. He did art this past fall in a co-op and takes a music/piano class so I think that's ok. I'd like to do art and some music appreciation at home but it tends to be what gets pushed aside.


He also does Scouts and usually at least one sport or class for PE.

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My middle will be second grade in the fall and here is what I have so far:

Sonlight (with her younger brother) finishing Core 1- starting Core 2-we started Core 1 later and are only on week 12 so we know it will go into the fall

Horizons Math 2

FLL- she is slightly ahead of where we wanted to be so she may start FLL 3 next year as she is very strong in this area

I can do all things for art along with her brother and sister

La clase divertida level 2- as a family

She also enjoys her spelling workbook (spelling workout) so that should continue as well.


Her younger brother will be first grade so they are combining for Sonlight and they also spend a lot of time playing games and building puzzles.



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DD7 will be in 2nd grade next year, but we school year-round and she's working ahead, so we'll start these as we finish up the previous levels.


History: SOTW2, fleshed out with on-topic books, documentaries, and projects.

Math: MEP3, with weekly math games.

Grammar: FLL2/3.

Writing: WWE2, alternating with independent writing (letters, stories, etc.).

Spelling: State list of 3rd/4th grade spelling words.

Science: Mr. Q's Earth Science(here). Daily moon phase and weather observations. Summer intensive science camp with my dad, a geophysicist.

Music: Scottish tenor drum (our whole family plays instruments in a Scottish pipe band). Adding piano.



Language: Adding. TBD. Either Latin or Spanish.

Art: Curriculum TBD, with summer intensive art camp with my mom, a watercolor artist.


Otherwise, she'll be doing daily independent reading, puzzles/strategy games, active playtime, calendar time, weekly field trips. Also, I distance run and she's interested in doing that with me, so I may start her on the Couch-2-5k program.

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Still thinking about it and it depends on how our changes go this semester. Here are my tentative plans:


A Little Garden Flower 2

Math: finish Right Start B, then move on to level C

LA: Classical Writing Primers, The Sentence Family, All About Spelling 3

Science: BFSU

Geography: continent boxes

Latin: Prima Latina and Minimus

Spanish: La Clase Divertida 2

Religion: Faith and Life 2 (with parish class) and additional materials for First Communion prep

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My current plan for next year, subject to change as always!


LA: FLL 2, WWE 1 and 2 (I don't think we'll finish 1 this year as we started pretty late), finish up OPGTR if we haven't yet, finish up AAS1 and get into AAS2

Bible: Vos

Math: RightStart C, or Math Mammoth if we decide to make the switch sometime in that year.

History: SOTW1 +AG

Science: Mommy's own mishmash

Art: I Can Do All Things

Music: continue piano lessons

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My current 2nd grader does the following:


Language Arts:

FLL3 (w/big sis in 3rd)

Imitation in Writing Aesop -- will start CW Aesop A in early Feb

Spelling Workout C

Elson Readers



Singapore 2B/3A



Earth Sci ala WTM, w/ Sci in a Nutshell kits

Science Detective CD-rom


History & Geography:

SOTW2 w/activity guide and GeoPuzzles



Mindbenders CD-rom (done with this already...looking for something else)


Foreign Languages:

Spanish (at charter school)

Song School Latin

French (Ecoutez, Parlez, and hopefully Alex et Zoe, soon)



Piano lessons w/mom (Alfred 1B and Preparatory Piano Literature)



Ballet classes during the year and swim team in the summer

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We're currently doing 2nd grade (YIKES! That means next year we'll be in 3rd!). Here's what we're doing:


Math: A beka

Reading: DITHOR

English: Rod and Staff (loosely - if we get to it, we get to it)

Spelling: Rod and Staff

Phonics: Rod and Staff - I didn't buy this until we were a month into school. I don't think every 2nd grader needs phonics and sometimes you have to start your year and then decide.

History/Science: MFW 1850-Mod 2nd grade go alongs (which are basically from MFW Adventures)


Flops (what we started out with and had to quickly change):

Spelling: Building Spelling Skills - too hard! 20 words a week! YIKES!

PLL - Boring and no structure. I've tried this with both kids now and it was a bust with both.


Things we're trying after the new year:

Art - How Great thou Art book I

ONLY MFW science - I was using RS4K Pre-Chemistry with the girls, but the scheduling was a nightmare. I LOVE the experiments but if I want to get through Chemistry AND Physics with her older sister, I have to drop RS4K.


The biggest Hit? MFW. If I could turn back time, I would have bought Adventures for oldest and just used it for youngest. However, buying the 2nd grade go-alongs has been PERFECT! We can focus on the three R's and still get History and science in.




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Planning second grade for next year:


BJU Math 2

BJU English 2

Galloping the Globe

WinterPromise World Around Me science

SpellWell or BigIQKids.com spelling

Possibly Spectrum Phonics/Vocabulary/Reading Comprehension

WinterPromise Readers 2

Pentime Handwriting 2


(unless I switch to FLL/WWE for English)

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Currently my 2nd grader is using:


Reading: Hooked On Phonics Y2


Writing: Writing With Ease 1


L.A.: First Language Lessons 1/2


Spelling: Spelling Workbook on Fridays. We'll start up Sequential Spelling Y1 back up in Feb.


Math: MEP Y2


Science: Considering God's Creation


Memorization: AWANA & Poetry in FLL


Geography: Galloping The Globe


Bible: AWANA, Sunday School and Girls in Action

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Math: Math Mammoth grade 2

Phonics: R&S Phonics 2

Handwriting: HWT cursive

History: CHOW again

Geography, literature, science, poetry, art and composer study: AO year 2

Writing: Copywork

Memory work: make it up as we go...

Latin: Prima Latina or SSL... not sure yet.

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Next year, my second grader will be doing:

~Exploring Countries & Cultures (My Father's World)

~finishing MUS Beta/starting MUS Gamma

~A Reason For Handwriting, Book B

~Writing With Ease, Level 2

~FLL 2


~elementary Spanish (Discovery streaming)

~WinterPromise Animal Habitats for science


She'll also continue with her dance class, handbells & children's choir at church, and soccer. If finances allow, we'd like to do some piano lessons.

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Here's what my 2nd grader is doing now.


Bible-BJU 2nd

Science-REAL Science Odyssey Life

History-American history in 1 year, plans by Mommy

Geography-Daily Geo. 2nd

Language Arts-CLE 2nd, BJU Reading 2nd, about to begin a separate cursive

Math-Finishing up CLE 2nd very soon, and considering BJU 3rd

Critical Thinking: Mindware Perplexors and Prufrock Press selections

Piano (just learning a little with Mommy right now)

Enrichment Co-Op (1 day, 8 weeks each semester)

Arete` (musical performing group)

Cub Scouts

Upward Basketball

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