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Anyone use Home2Teach for writing?

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I have, ds did Fundamental 1 and 2 as well as Descriptive Writing. It has more of a focus on Grammar, but I admit his writing has improved quite a bit. I think this is a better option for someone with children on the younger side. Although, they do adjust according to your child's ability, and you can ask to have your child placed in a higher level.


Ds loves it. It is review for him, but it has helped him not be so reluctant about writing. I used to get very short essay/summaries/etc and now they are always much longer, organized and detailed. There is also a focus on MLA format.


If you have a specific questions about it pm me.



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My oldest daughter did a couple of sessions through Home2Teach several years ago. At the time, I wasn't sure how much she was getting out of it. She enjoyed the very structured chat sessions, and it was nice having her be accountable to someone else for a while.


Looking back, I think she really learned a lot from those classes though I wasn't sure of their worth at the time.

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