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Who handles the finances in your family?

Who handles the finances in your family?  

  1. 1. Who handles the finances in your family?

    • Mom does.
    • Dad does.
    • Some other member of the family (could be ILs)
    • Someone outside the family
    • An accountant
    • Other

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My husband and I are working hard at handling our finances JOINTLY. This seems to be helping us to stay more solidly on track and on budget.


I also think that it's built a tighter bond between us. My husband knows that I support him as a man and provider, and I know that my husband is aware of what I have to work with for our household & groceries (the limitations and challenges). It's made us closer and more powerful.

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I wish he'd let me do it all because I'm better at it, but he won't so we both handle different domains. He handles a few bills of the same amount at the same time of the month. I handle everything that requires juggling, lol. His idea of saving is to have far more money that you spend. That only works if you do, indeed, have far more money than you need and his days of being in that situation are long gone ;) Negotiations to tweak our current roles will again commence when he finds a new job. I'm ok with sharing the way we do while he's unemployed. I don't like it when he is employed.


But hopefully that will be soon. He just underwent a 4 HOUR INTERVIEW! Who on earth runs 4 hour interview, let alone for junior programming jobs!



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