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odds we will get stomach flu from this situation

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Were cousin and the other guest spending time together before?


From all the reading I've done on stomach viruses, unlike a cold/flu where you can be contagious prior to symptoms, stomach bugs are contagious from the matter that comes out once one is sick.- I'm trying to word it as least TMI as possible :tongue_smilie: Typical incubation for noro and rotovirus is 12-48 hours.


I've had kids over for playdates who've gone home and started throwing up from a virus a few hours later and not had my kids been sick even though they were in close contact.


That was always my understanding anyways, but who knows, there's so many viruses now and so many mutations that anything is possible.


Now, if somebody at the party was sick or recovering from something and never told anybody, then that's a different story and it's very possible that you're still incubating it. :grouphug: Let's hope not.:grouphug:

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