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Exercise mat---what is a GOOD, comfortable one?

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I have tendonitis in my ankle and am in Physical Therapy twice a week for the next few week/months trying to avoid surgery.


That means no walking or aerobics (or other weight bearing exercise) for me. I was walking 2-4 days a week with my friends doing about 2-3 miles each time.


I have some pilates tapes and other exercise DVDs that I can try to piece together that work on core strength, etc. but I need a good math. I will be doing the exercising on my living room floor which is laminate so NO padding at all.


My goal is to loose 15 pounds by March 5 when we go to Disney but not being able to exercise normally is not going to help.


I can do some water aerobics (when my ankle isn't all taped up) and try the exercise bikes at the Y but I need something I can do at home daily.


What is a good exercise mat and where would you get it?

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Do you have a good camping mat that you could try?

Mine is so great--I can put a wad of keys under it and just feel a slight bulge. It's like magic. My brand is Therma Rest.


I wouldn't buy it just for this, but if you ever camp and/or want a good mat for a youngish houseguest to ease their sleeping on the floor, it might also work as an exercise mat. It's easy to clean, too.


Have you heard of Chair Dancing? It's an exercise DVD that you do while sitting on a straight chair--great for people with foot problems. It's surprisingly aerobic!

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I will check with my friends on camping mats. I didn't think of that but I do have $20 off LL bean right now. Then it would double up.


I will check out the chair thing as well. I have heard of "sit and be fit" which is the senior citizen version but I am sure still a great workout.

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