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How long does it take to knock the PS out of them?

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Longer than September through December. :-)


It can take up to 18 months to undo what skool did.


In my house, because I'm a little on the OCD side, it meant we didn't do anything that looked like school for well over a year. Probably it was a good thing we lived in California and I didn't have to answer to anyone, lol. But still, IMHO, it takes a determined mother who refuses to do school that looks like school, until the dc get the hang of it.

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I remember that ds still wrote so very tiny letters in order to save paper because his teacher had told him that it takes trees to make paper - evidently she did not mention the renewable resource part. I think it took well over one school year to get past a few quirks.

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Try messing with the schedule. We school on Saturdays and take Mondays off. We do household chores together in the daytime (like bathrooms and laundry) We start late (around 10 and always start with tea and Bible time) Do stuff the PS doesn't do (like tea time) and have p.e. by running up and down the street/yard while yelling the timestables.



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Last year was our first year hsing, and I started all organized and they were like sheep during school hours, something was off?

so we took 3 months complete off from "school" I read books, played games and we went on historical field trips. The only thing I required for 3 months was reading hour!

But seriously, we watched Lewis and Clark movies, went and saw Train Museums and played games together. Bird watching and grocery shopping, it was a detox for us. I got to know my kids and they each other!!

I was very anxious as I knew we were behind "by the state" and were gonna play catch up. But it was the best thing. We began with math and grammar, and slowly added other things, we are now almost at a full schedule, but it is flowing so much better. They have caught up amazingly fast!

We have only to add logic and our writing needs some tweaking.

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I just like the way you said, "knock the PS out of them." :lol:

Close to what I really want to say some days...but more appropriate:D

I will try spending more time doing non-schoolish stuff in the first few weeks of January. I don't really stress the state testing because the CAT is really easy and they only need to be like in the 25th percentile. I have no intention of sending them to public so what's the rush, right?:)

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