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Some parentss are concerned about having their gifted children progress too quickly through the standard U.S. math curriculum (algebra, geometry, trigonometry, calculus), because they would not know how to follow up. Others think the standard curriculum misses important topics.


There was a series of math textbooks for high school students, the "Annelix Lax New Mathematical Library" (Lax was the editor), that may interest such parents. The titles are listed at http://www.lib.utexas.edu/taro/utcah/00387/cah-00387.html and below.

Most can be purchased used from Amazon, where they have gotten good reviews.


NML 1, Numbers: Rational and Irrational (Niven, Ivan):

NML 2, What Is Calculus About? (Sawyer, W.W.):

NML 3, An Introduction to Inequalities (Beckenbach and Bellman):

NML 4, Geometric Inequalities (Kazarinoff, Nicholas D.):

NML 5, MAA Contest Problem Book I (Salkind, G.T.), 1960-1964 and


NML 6, The Lore of Large Numbers (Davis, Philip J), 1959-1972 and undated

NML 7, Uses of Infinity (Zippin, Leo):

NML 8, Geometric Transformations I (Yaglom, I.M.):

NML 9, Continued Fractions (Olds, C.D.):

NML 10, Graphs and Their Uses (Ore, Oystein):

NML 11 and 12, Hungarian Problem Books I and II:

NML 13, Episodes From the Early History of Mathematics (Aaboe, Asger):

NML 14, Groups and Their Graphs (Grossman and Magnus), 1960-1967 and undated

NML 15, The Mathematics of Choice: How to Count Without Counting (Niven, Ivan):

NML 16, From Pythagoras to Einstein (Freidrichs, K.O.):

NML 17, MAA Contest Problem Book II (Salkind, G.T.):

NML 18, First Concepts of Topology (Chinn & Steenrod):

NML 19, Geometry Revisited (Coxeter and Greitxer):

NML 20, Invitation to Number Theory (Ore, Oystein):

NML 21, Geometric Transformations II (Yaglom, I.M.):

NML 22, Elementary Cryptanalysis (Sinkov, Abraham):

NML 23, Ingenuity in Mathematics (Honsberger, Ross):

NML 24, Geometric Transformations III (Yaglom, I.M.):

NML 25, MAA Contest Problem Book III (Salkind, G.T.):

NML 26, Mathematical Methods in Science (Polya, George):

NML 27, International Mathematical Olympiads 1959-1977 (Greitzer, Samuel):

NML 28, The Mathematics of Games and Gambling (Packel, Edward):

NML 29, MAA Contest Problem Book IV (Artino, Gaglione, and Shell):

NML 30, The Role of Mathematics in Science (Bowden and Schiffer):

NML 31, International Mathematical Olympiads 1978-1985 (Klamkin, Murray), General Correspondence, 1985-1986

NML 32, Riddles of the Sphinx (Gardner, Martin), Galleys, [ca. 1987]

NML 33, USA Mathematical Olympiads (Klamkin, Murray):

NML 34, Graphs and Their Uses [update] (Wilson, Robin J.), [ca. 1990]

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