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Are Lord of the Flies and The Great Gatsby in TOG?

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Lord of the Flies - Dialectic - Year 4, Unit 2, 3 weeks (weeks 15 -17 I think)


Great Gatsby - Rhetoric - Year 4, Unit 2, (somewhere around week 13 or 14)

Oops! You're right. (Blush.) I found it at week 15.


(Keeping in mind I don't actually own Year 4 yet, lol, just doing online search)


If you're ever wondering you can do a search at TOG or at Bookshelf Central.

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For a good reason on why to avoid or proceed with caution with Lord of the Flies, you can read Thomas Jefferson Education. ;)

:confused: What does TJE say about Lord of the Flies? It was one book I LOVED reading in high school---and really never gave me any urges to do any sort of imitation of behavior from the book, which is what I assume would be the reasons to avoid it? :tongue_smilie: Just wondering if you want to share.

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It talks about "Bent" and "Broken" books...


Bent books are books where good is evil and evil is good and in the end evil wins but it leaves the reader confused.


Books are books where evil is evil but it triumphs.


And DD & I were having a debate on whether the next part is TJE or if it was What Shall We Then Read or if it's another book... But essentially that books that epitomize evil can have a purpose to influence the reader to reject utterly what is in the book more strongly than if they hadn't read the book. Or they can just disgust and repulse with nothing good from having spent the time invested in the book. Sometimes broken books are worthwhile. Sometimes they aren't. Bent books are rarely ever a good thing.

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