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Marathon Project Sessions vs. Smaller Chunks Spread Out

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This week has been divided into marathon project sessions for each day. Today was the cookie baking marathon. I've realized that I like marathon sessions. I'm very goal oriented and love just zeroing in on on thing and doing it until it is totally and utterly done. I'm exhausted at the end but happy because it is no longer hanging over my head. My kids on the other hand, were majorly tired and grumpy toward the end of today. I think they would have liked it if I had split today's work over two days. What do you like to do if you have a choice?


During ordinary school days I necessarily have to spread things out in small chunks - a little bit of business every day, a little bit of laundry etc.

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I think it's:


More fun to spread it out. Wrapping 2 presents is fun. 12 is tedious.


More productive to marathon it, up to a point. If you decide to wrap 50 presents in one sitting, your technique tends to suffer by the end.



I try to compromise. Using my wrapping example, I try to wrap in batches, as I buy. When I've got several ready to go, I sit down and do them. Yes, I have to get the wrapping stuff out multiple times. But it stays fun. We turn on the music. The girls use too much scotch tape. And no one is yelling. Good times.

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I like marathons. As dh says, I have the attention span of a Golden Retriever :D. I get so much more done in marathon sessions. Laundry is the only thing I di successfully in parts throughout the day. It didn't come easy to me, though.

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