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Late to the party: Buy DH a kindle?

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Why didn't I think of this earlier? I was resisting one for myself because I use the library and I just don't want to spend $10 for every book I read. I'd go broke in a flash. Plus I want to wait until they are cheaper and even cooler.


But DH--he travels to lost of dreadful places, often with long layovers or other kinds of painful waiting and waiting. He usually works all the time but he has told me he wants to do more reading for himself.


His work partner travels with one.


Why didn't I think of this before?


So, I have 1 hour and ten minute to decide (if I want freee shipping by XMas). Should I do it? Should I wait until after Christmas when there is bound to be a better one that is cheaper? (I'm not giving him anything great this year) If I do get one should I get the $139 or the $189 version? What is the biggest diffference?


Thanks for your advice.

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Yes, yes, yes! He sounds to me like the perfect candidate for a Kindle. Personally I would go with the $189 because then if he wants to pick up a new book right before flying or at the hotel when he finishes his book sooner than he thought, he doesn't have to wait around to find WiFi.


Do it! One of the top 3 best gifts ever for me and I didn't even want it originally. :)

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Funny, my hubby and I have discussed this for 2 weeks. He wants one, and I want to get him one. We decided to wait til after the Christmas crazy and go and find the exact one he wants! He got a robe (two of them, a light weight and heavy weight one) because he needs one and it is BOGO at KMART! lol

if you decide and love or hate it, please update!! :bigear:

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I bet he will too.


The info that they won't be dropping the price or coming out with similarly priced but better ones helped me make my decision. So did "Yes! Yes! Yes!"


I'll post my review, Anne. It was fun to just buy it. Usually I'm frugal, agonizing about every dime girl.


Didn't manage to get free 2-day shipping (would have arrived 12/27) but did get 3.99 shipping.


Now I'm excited. It's nice to really surprise someone!

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