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cookie question

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I've only frozen gf cookie dough, & it's been fine, but I had a neighbor who was a Really Good Cook, & she froze hers all the time. It's basically the same thing the stores do. :001_smile:


ETA: And I don't thaw it, I just slice & bake.



:iagree: Me too. Freezer to oven!

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I do it all the time. I make double batches of dough, and depending upon the cookie type freeze it different ways, and I treat them differently depending upon the type of cooked cookie as well.. For chocolate chip cookies, I form the dough into balls, place onto a cookie sheet, freeze for a bit and then put the frozen balls into a ziplock. When it comes to bake them, I pull them out and bake them from their frozen state, just a little longer.


I have discs of sugar cookie dough (that will be rolled) waiting to go into the freezer. I just flatten the dough into a 4" x 2" disc, wrap in plastic wrap and then put into a ziplock. I thaw this in the fridge overnight the night before I plan on baking.

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