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s/o freezing in Florida... can anyone tell me

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What to expect weather-wise at the end of February/beginning of March?


Will it be just as cold as it is around December and January? Will it be starting to warm up some?




ETA: We will be in the St. Cloud area (not far from the theme parks) from like 2/17 through 2/27, and then we will be in the West Palm Beach area from like 2/28 through around 3/7.

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What part of Fl? Here in central FL it is usually warming up by then, but still chilly by my definition. Of course, sometimes we have weird cold snaps like last year and it is in the 40s the first week in March. And sometimes it is in the 70s by then. Not much help, am I? :tongue_smilie:

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It's still iffy that time of year. DS7 has a b-day in Feb, and DS4 has a b-day in March. We've done outdoors-at-a-park B-Day parties at the end of Feb, as a joint party, many years. A few years, it was quite windy and quite chilly (well, to us Floridians anyway), like had to wear a heavy jacket weather (at least I did, but the children were running and never seemed to mind). A few years it was a beautiful spring day, in the high 60's, warm sunshine.


By DS4's birthday in mid-March, you can generally count on a nice high 60-mid 70's.


So Feb-March you are looking at a range of around 50-70. This was North Florida too, so a bit different than South Florida for temps. Very similiar to Orlando though, as that was only two hours away.

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Our average last freeze date in north central FL is mid-March. I don't think that you can be certain of warm weather until April.


However, this winter was predicted to be wet and mild....which doesn't explain all of the bitter cold lately and the wildfires that are starting up. :glare:

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