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Cross-pollinated recipes--help!

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So Bisquick started making gf baking mix. I'm mixing up a couple of batches of pizza dough to freeze for dh, but I accidentally switched part way in & followed the pancake recipe.


So here's what's in the bowl:


2+c flour mix

2c milk

1/4c olive oil

4 eggs

Italian seasoning

Fresh Basil


It's supposed to be a double batch. If it helps, here are the recipes I blended (by accident):



1c mix

1c milk

2T veg oil

1 egg


Pizza Dough:

1 1/3c mix

1/2 t It seasoning/dried basil

1/2 c water

1/3 c oil

2 eggs, beaten


Any hope? The man's been married to me long enough that he should really know what to expect w/ my cooking. :glare: :lol: He's a perpetual optimist, though.

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I would add some yeast, if the bisquick doesn't have any in it and I would try a thick crust pizza.


It has "leavening" but yeast isn't listed.


Fwiw, both recipes were from the back of the box. Well, one was really big on the back of the box, the other was small on the side. :glare:


And I don't know what you mean about a thick crust pizza. I thought that was just how you roll it out.


AND, the consistency of the dough I've got right now is pancakey. I can add some yeast or more mix or whatever, but I'm not sure that the milk will be ok? And *all* of the amts are so. far. off. :tongue_smilie:


But I kind-of added (in my head) the liquid amts (water & oil) in the pizza recipe, & they're close-ish to the total of liquids in the pancake recipe, so...I guess I'm hoping liquids are at least sort-of equal. :001_huh:

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