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My Turn for Looking for Feedback

Crimson Wife

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I started writing this on the general board on the "what's your 4th grader doing?" thread but then decided I'd probably get more helpful feedback here. We HS year-round and I didn't include religion because while it's important to me it's not something up for discussion. ;)


Latin I'm holding off starting for now because I'm planning on using Latin Road to English Grammar for both Latin & English once she's gotten a thorough grounding in English grammar.



2nd Semester 3rd:


Math: Finish Singapore 4A, start Singapore 4B, supplement as needed with MM single-topic "blue" worktexts, Life of Fred: Fractions, continue working through Hands-On Equations Verbal Problems Book


Reading: literature selections to go along with history, Figuratively Speaking, and Drawing Conclusions & Making Inferences workbook (for standardized test prep)


Grammar: Killgallon Grammar for Middle School, Evan-Moor Daily Paragraph Editing Grade 4


Writing: Adventures in Fantasy, local creative writing class


Spelling: continue Spelling Power


Vocabulary: finish Caesar's English 1, start Caesar's English 2, do corresponding exercises in Prufrock Press Red Hot Root Words 1 & 2 workbooks


Penmanship: Peterson Directed Handwriting


History: continue study of American History with From Sea to Shining Sea: The Story of America, plus History Pockets: American Revolution and Time Travelers: American Revolution and library resources


Science: continue study of physics using Prentice-Hall Science Explorer and Singapore My Pals are Here Science 5/6 and Young Scientist's Club kits and library resources


Art: local class


1st Semester 4th:


Math: continue with Singapore supplemented with MM, Life of Fred: Decimals, and HOE VPB


Reading: literature selections to go along with history, and budget-permitting a CTY Critical Reading course


Grammar/Writing: ??? She'd probably be ready for the grammar portion of MCT's "voyage" level but I'm dubious about the writing portion. If WWS is out I might give that a try. I will likely have her tackle Jensen's Punctuation since that's an area where MCT is weak. If she does end up taking the CTY course that will have some writing, and I can have her expand those into full essays.


Spelling: finish Spelling Power (if necessary), start Hexco Valerie's Spelling Bee Supplement


Vocabulary: finish CE2, start Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop


History: continue study of American History with From Sea to Shining Sea: The Story of America, plusHP Moving West & American Civil War and probablyTT Early 19th Century &Civil War plus library resources


Science: we'll be back to biology in the cycle. I haven't yet decided whether she'll continue on with Prentice-Hall SE and Singapore MPH 5/6 or whether I might substitute Singapore Biology Matters for the latter.

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Tentative plans for 4th grade next year:


Math: First half of Jacobs Algebra or some sort of prealgbera (Lial, perhaps, or Singapore DM 1)


Literature: K12's English B as well as the MCT approach to literature and possibly OM7


Writing: Homegrown, using elements of MCT and K12


Grammar: MCT Voyage and practice book


Vocabulary: MCT Caesar's English 2


Spelling: Finish Spelling Power (if he hasn't already)


History: Finish A History of US and SOTW 4 with lots of supplemental reading


Science: Science Explorer life science books with some sort of hands on element and lots of supplemental reading


Latin: Latin Prep 1 and CLC 1

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2nd Semester of 3rd grade age:


Math: Finish Singapore 3B and 4A

Reading: using SL Core K-2 read alouds as independent readers and adding in other books by the same authors

Writing:dictation from Sonlight LA 2 and 2 advanced (in cursive)

Spelling: complete All About Spelling Level 3 and begin level 4

Russian: continue with Rosetta Stone 1

History: finish SOTW 1 with narrations, activity book, and corresponding chapters in Child's History of the World

Science: continue study of biology with Real Science 4 Kids Biology 1 plus a human body unit - with supplemental activities, experiments, books, and videos

Music: Suzuki viola lessons, viola group class, orchestra, quartet, and music theory classes plus Homeschool in the Woods lapbook/composer study

Art: Meet the Masters Track B

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