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I'm not sure the British would have stood a chance...

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against my 10 y/o daughter. She had to imagine that she was a colonist who had to give a speech saying that the British were going to attack. The speech had to include details as to how our town should protect itself, how we should prepare, and what we should do once the British did attack. (She's been reading about the Revolutionary War, obviously).


She wrote:



"Neighbors, friends and family I think the British will attack!


For our protection all women will stay with children 10 and under. Babies and girls only! Boys must fight! If a man dies one woman will take his place.


We will prepare by loading guns and polishing them. We will make bombs, buy as much gun powder as possible, and make over 2,000 bullets. Then we will fight the British!!!


We have to make the first fire! Aim for their heads. We will win for sure! Aim for their hearts fire at them throw bombs, set them on fire! I want your hearts beating faster than ever! We have to win. We will win. We'll kill the British."




I wasn't sure whether to laugh or feel somewhat dismayed at her enthusiasm. :lol:

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