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Is this wrong?

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My daughter wanted some pictures of herself to make a calendar for Dad. We have a bunch but she wanted one for May with her holding flowers . . . now, here, when/where it's cold and dreary.


So, yesterday we went to Whole Foods and did it. She went over to the floral dept while I lingered near by in the produce. She got the flowers she wanted and "gave me the look." I dashed over, snapped the pic, and she put them back. We ate lunch and then, on the way out, did it again with different flowers.


Now, why we did it so sneakily . . . we were just embarrassed to ask. We know one lady who works in that dept but she wasn't there. It was a stranger and we just felt too silly.


Later, we were talking about it and I started wondering if it was wrong to do somehow: as if we were taking advantage of their beautiful flowers w/o recompense. We didn't harm them in any way and put them right back.


and it was quick and with my little dinky camera. It took all of a few inconspicuous seconds for each pic. Not at all a big photo shoot moment.


Wrong to use their stuff?

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Uh- that's nothing. Last year, my SIL had a Christmas store and I worked for her there. People were bringing in their whole families, decked out in their finest apparel, and posing for their Christmas card pictures in front of our trees, fireplace, and other displays. We thought about starting to charge. Only one person ever asked if it was okay. The rest just went ahead and used our store as their personal photo shoot location.


Can't say I blame them, though. It was a really beautiful store.

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I think, once upon a time, you weren't supposed to take pictures in places like grocery stores. They didn't allow it for competitive purposes. Now I don't think they can even enforce things like that. If competition really wanted to video your prices and set up, cameras are so small, no one would ever know you were doing it if they didn't want you to know.


I think that all started to change with small digital cameras. Once people went digital and could control what they printed and payed for, people started taking numerous pictures of the same thing. And once they got small enough, moms started constantly carrying around cameras in their purses all the time. Then phones started doubling as cameras.


Now people take pictures constantly of 'that cute moment' the kid did something.


If it was any other moment, and you just happened to have your camera with you and she picked up the flowers, you wouldn't have questioned it if had suddenly thougth "Oh you look so cute holding those! Let me get a quick picture." And you wouldn't have questioned it if, going through your photos a few months later say "hey let's use the one we took at the food store for May."


Just because you already knew you were going to do it doesn't make it any different. You aren't selling it, or using it for any sort of profit or using it for any sort of competitive purposes. You're fine.

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