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Math... part 2

LisaK in VA

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Thanks to you (and others), I think I have our next math program pretty well solidified for my oldest (where he goes from Foerster's for Geometry...no clue, but I'll be looking at this during convention).


Now, for my nearly 9yo and my 7.5 yo, who are at nearly the same level as one another.


DD - almost 9

My dd is very self-motivated, likes to read the instructions, do the work... and move on. Right now, she is working in LoF. I think there are a few concepts she needs some reinforcing, but I think I can use some MM worksheets, or the Chalkdust BM textbook for those. She has no issues with fractions, or integers... she just started decimals and percents.


I expect that she will easilly complete LoF Pre-Algebra I and II, and possibly even III without issue.


Since I have a feeling that LoF is going to be "enough" -- I was wondering about a gentle intro to Algebra. OR possibly mixing Hands-On Equations with LoF for a year or two before doing Foerster's (assuming she likes what she sees after oldest DS finishes.) She does NOT like computer-based math (such as TT). She feels it "slows her down." Nor does she like being "tied" to a computer.


DS 7.5

He's the child who answers his older brother's word problems from the other room. He seems to intuit math pretty easilly. But, he is somewhere between my oldest DD and oldest DS when it comes to needing prodding, and independent learning. He *loves* TT, because he can do the math on his own, and he likes the instructor "talking" to him. He does like Fred... he'll be starting LoF fractions in the spring, though.


With him, I was thinking about pairing LoF with Hands-On Equations (he *loves* manipulative-based learning... really enjoyed using the Lauri fraction circles and "got" the equivalent fractions very quickly with those), and then either moving him into Kinetic Textbooks or TT 7/Pre-Algebra...wherever he tests.


I like that HOE looks like a "game." It seems like something all 3 of my older children could use (I will probably be purchasing the board game "Equate" as well). I'm perfectly happy letting these two take their time in Pre-Algebra, but I also don't want to skimp.


LASTLY, does anyone here have experience with Kitchen Table Math (for my youngest two)? I will probably get some Abeka workbooks, so that dd (4.5) has something to do on her own, but was thinking KTM might be more "fun." And, something we could do with her baby sister to help keep her occupied.

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I would read my thread on HOE. DS8 is in Singapore 4A. He has found level 1 and 2 of HOE extremely simple (done in 2 weeks). I have ordered the verbal problems book because I do think it is a good program and a useful approach. We did not order the DVD's - thank goodness! I know other kids struggle with HOE but I think if your kids are accelerated 2 years already, it is likely something that will come easily to them in the early stages. People say the verbal problems are the key to the program and I hope that proves to be true.


In January, we will be going back to Singapore but supplementing with HOE and Key to fractions, and maybe later returning to LOF. We need to follow a winding path because I see no reason to have a 5th grader in algebra.



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