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Question for those who have moved with older kids-

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how did your kids handle it? Can you recommend any specific things that might make the transition easier?


Dh got a job promotion, but it means we'll have to move 4 hours away. The boys (15 and 12) won't be told until after the holidays. Ds15 is in a Catholic high school, and will probably end up in public school. Ds12 is homeschooled, which is easier, but he will really miss his long-time best friend.


Any ideas to make it easier for them?

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My boys were 13 and 15 when we moved. We told them as soon as we knew. Both went from ps to homeschooling with the move. It helped that it was over the summer. We made sure they had lots of time with their friends, even if it made life busier than we liked. I did a lot of research on our new home so that we would be able to assimilate quickly in to our new community.

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We moved coast to coast last year when my oldest was 13. She went from a small Pre-k to 8th grade independent school to a large public middle school.


I was a bit concerned about her transition as her personality is reserved and introverted but she turned out to adjust remarkably well. She has made many new good friends but she still misses many of her old friends.


Things that helped were to move to a very friendly neighborhood where she soon met a girl her age; join a new Girl Scout troop and join her after school club a couple of days a week even though we didn't need the care. She also attended an animal camp that summer and then volunteered at a different animal camp during the winter break. It was also important for her to still keep in touch with her friends, so we got her a cell phone and let her get a Facebook page.


I agree that if the move is only 4 hours away the keeping in touch with old friends part will be relatively easy. Long weekends or school breaks can be used to get together. My daughter would have been over the moon if our move had been so close! Good luck!

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Thanks for the advice. I guess we're lucky that it isn't farther away. We'll definitely be making a lot of trips back here so both kids can see their friends. I've already started to research the area, so that the kids can start some activities soon after we get there. We may be able to give them their own room (they have to share now). I think that would make them more enthusiastic about moving (especially ds15). Hopefully we can make this a positive experience for all.

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