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Singapore math textbooks


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Would these be a nice resource to have if you're using another math program, or would they be pointless in that case? I wouldn't want them for problems to work, but just for explanations to my daughter...in color, lol.


It might work. It depends on if she connects with the explanations they give, and if the sequence is close enough to make it work.


The texts do have some problems but the focus is on the instruction. It will at times make logical leaps that kids who are not math intuitive won't follow. That is where the HIG fills in the gaps, if you are using the full program. The answers to the text problems are also in the HIG.




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honestly, I am not so sure I would bother. I see you have a first grader using MEP. In singapore 1 they are spending lots of time talking about 'number bonds' and using that system to do addition etc. Singapore isn't exactly long on instruction. It is often just a couple problems with drawings of smiling kids pointing at the answser. There isn't any text saying "tell the student this. I cut my homeschooling teeth on Singapore and I admit I had a little panic when I opened that first grade 'text' book.


I am using MEP and Singapore in my house and they are very, very different. I haven't done MEP 1, but will be there soon. I have been using SIngapore from k and we are halfway through grade 5. It doens't have much teacher instruction. You could also get the home instructor's guide, but they are about 16$ per and you use two for the year. At that point, you have made enough of an investment that you might as well just start doing Singapore.


Not that that is a bad thing, right? :D


I would go to the singapore . com website and check out the PDFs of the textbook in year 1. See if you think it would offer her anything useful. And there aren't answers in the textbook for the few problems that are in the text. Of course, in 1st, that isn't exactly a problem, lol. I didn't have to check the answer key until 5th grade. The answer keys are in the aforementioned home instructor's guide

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The explanations are more just visuals. I still do explanations for my son.

If you're looking for something to use as an additional reference, I don't know what I'd use, but I don't think I'd use Singapore.


The Standards edition has a glossary in the back of each text which is nice. I've started keeping the texts we've completed in our schoolroom (now that I've got bookshelf space!), but I'll be pretty surprised if my son ever refers back to them.


So, no, I don't think I'd buy the texts for additional reference (and I buy a LOT of extra things for reference - and I love Singapore).

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