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In my imaginary world, all pipes stay looking like new.

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A couple weeks ago I cleaned out under the stove and fridge. Oh. My! It was nasty and I hurt myself trying to scrape all the nasty junk off the floor. I don't think dh has any idea that it got done.


In *my* imaginary world dust would not exist. Especially not in my house and not on blinds or the curves of baseboards or cabinets or the tops of fridges or . . .

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For a while I've been having problems with the drains in the double vanity in the main bath. So tonight I removed the stoppers, and :eek::ack2: I saw some nasty stuff. :ack2:


Dh better realize how good he's got it that he doesn't have to do these things.

Isn't that why Liquid Plumm'er was invented?

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