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Need Dr. Hive's home remedy for eye infection...

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Is there such a thing as a home remedy for an eye infection? My dd7 has an itchy, pink/red eye with very little discharge. We increased her fluid intake and used warm compress on her eye. Is there any way to avoid a trip to the doctor's office? I just know we'll pick up a nasty illness at the drs office, kwim? Thanks for your help!






dd 8 months

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Are you breastfeeding? Breast milk is a wonderful remedy for eye infections.


A black tea bag on the eye might also help. Just steep the bag in boiling water, pull it out to let it cool enough that it's comfortable to the touch, and then put in on the eye.


You could also check the information here to find a homeopathic remedy that fits her symptoms.


I hope she feels better soon!

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Is this medicine to clear it up (if it's bacterial), or just medicine to relieve discomfort?



here's a link to walgreens brand...





there are several OTC brands, walgreens is the only one i've actually used. i imagine they're all similar though. if it doesn't work, the OP is only out $8....so it's not a big deal.


OP, i've also heard breast milk does wonders, so i'd suggest going that route first if it's an option.

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