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Who took it?!!

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I haven't screamed at anyone...'cept the yelling here.


Its just makin me nuts. Its the only thing missing. *grrrr*


And, of course, I now get the 'fun' of restuffing everything into my closet. Unwrapped.


I need a nap. and booze. I'd settle for just the nap, though.

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Well, around here, I know *exactly* who ran off with the tape, paper & scissors. That's how the baby wound up with it, and why there is tape stuck to the floor... so thankful I have a scraper blade.


I'm just tired of putting in roughly 20-hour days, trying to make up for my time "off" while I recovered from surgery -- and each morning being asked, "Mommy, did you wrap my Christmas presents last night?"


Thankful that all the out of town gifts got mailed today...for under $60. The swim coaches' gifts are done... and tomorrow I can finish the gifts for the garbage men and the mail delivery woman.

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What is it about tape??? We are always buying it and always missing it. I only have ONE kid. Last time I cleaned out her room I found FIVE ROLLS of tape.


Two days ago the last roll of tape was missing again. I told DD11 to go in her room and find it. She was in there about two minutes and of course "its not in there". So I asked her what mom should do if I go in there and find the tape. She went back in the room for about three minutes this time, came back out and said "I'll give up electronics for two days if you find it!"


I walked in there and literally within 15 seconds came out with tape....


It was satisfying though.;)

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Hopefully you won't have to apologize later like I did last week when I screamed at them for losing my brand new package of sewing machine needles, and then I found them the next day in a different bag that I had put down the basement.


You apologized for that? :eek: :eek: :eek:


I would have made a big show of going out to the store for new ones...


Honesty isn't always the best policy, you know. ;)



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