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How does one contact Amazon?!

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So. Yesterday? Last day to order using the free shipping. :glare:




I ordered LAST Friday - early in the morning. Amazon said that Super Saving Shipping was fine to be delivered in time.




Today I check the status of that order.


It will be here on DECEMBER 29th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Look, I understand, Christmas? NOT about the presents.


I totally understand that. Am I angry because out of the two items ordered one of them is for my 8yo? No, because she'll understand and the alphabet stamps are part of a card-making kit and she'll get that.


Am I upset about the TWO YEAR OLD?


Yes. Yes I am. Why? Because we give each of our kids three gifts.


Two of hers are handmade. The other one? A doll she DESPERATELY wants and has been asking for for six months. I would have ordered expedited shipping. I would have paid for overnight shipping.


Now? Too late.


I am irritated. And is there a contact number? Nope. Not that I can find.


Sigh. :(

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There is a way to contact them but it's hidden pretty well.


Make sure you are logged in. Scroll down to the very bottom of the front page. On the bottom right, you will see a column titled: "Let Us Help You". Click on "help".


When the screen loads, there will be a yellow bar on the right that says "CONTACT"


If you are logged in, you will have the option to input your phone number and amazon will call you in seconds (literally).


HTH and works for you.

:grouphug:Sorry about your frustration, that stinks.

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That was incredibly generous to offer.


I'm going to contact them directly. HOWEVER, I looked for the item's home page and found that there are several stores (SIX) in the Portland area that carry the doll she wanted. :)


Happy DAY! I guess it pays to live somewhere a little bit crunchy, lol.


So, I'll call today to see if they can fix it.

If they cannot, then I will wait patiently until about Thursday to see if it shows up. They shipped it USPS which seems INSANE to me from Kentucky. What WERE they thinking?!?!


However, if it is updated and will be here by Friday, I'm fine. If not I'll go pick one up IRL and just return the Amazon one when it comes.


And, let it be said, I should have signed up the trial Prime and got my two day shipping and then cancelled. :tongue_smilie:

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Were you able to get the problem straightened out?


If the rep you spoke with wasn't helpful, do what I do --- hang up and then click on the "call me" button again. You always get a different person, and some reps are a lot more helpful than others.


I ordered some stuff this morning and it will be here on Thursday, so they have no excuse for not upgrading your shipping for you.



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I had some missing items in an order last week. I filled out the form online and they called me within seconds. The gentleman was extremely helpful and truly worked hard to get a solution for me to receive the missing items by Christmas. The items I had ordered were from a 3rd party seller but Amazon had me put he items in my cart then issued a credit for those items. My tracking shows they are out on the truck for delivery today.


I was so impressed! Hopefully they'll solve your problem too!

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I've had that exact experience several times now with Amazon (though never quite at this much of the last minute). When I've dealt with their customer service people, it's always resolved nicely, but it's still incredibly frustrating. A item says it's available. It says when you checkout that it'll ship around a certain date or by a certain date. It doesn't arrive. I check back only to realize that the ship date has changed completely from when I ordered it and there's not been any notice. What kind of way is that to run a business?

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I did call them.


I got an extremely polite & helpful woman who offered to replace all the items (because by the time I checked FOUR items were affected not just the original two) INCLUDING the doll with overnight shipping. All they asked is that I reject the other shipments when they come on the 29th.


I'll have the gifts Friday.




I imagine this cost them quite a little and can't possibly be profitable as the doll and things were really QUITE inexpensive as an order. But I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciated it and obviously I feel that while it should have been done right correctly, I love the motto - all is well that ends well.


Hurrah Amazon!!


Thank you all for helping me get the information and encouraging to call!!!!!

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