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If you wanted to learn about how sea battles worked...

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There's a show on either History or Discovery channel (thinking history) that reenacts battles, air and water via old film and computer generation. Wolf loves it, he's a war buff like that.


That sounds great--is it graphic? He hasn't watched any history channel shows yet, but I do think he would like them. (His daddy does!) And, I hope this doesn't sound too ignorant, but would I find something like that online or at the library? :001_smile:

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Not graphic that I remember. Its stuff like the dogfights, looking at the aerial manouvers, that kind of thing. No blood or gore, at least not what I saw.


I don't know what you can find, being in the States. There are lots of things we can't view in Canada, so I know there's a fair bit you can access that I can't.


Wish I could remember the name of the show, darn it....give me a few to search...


Crapola. Can't find the name of the show. Wolf would know.



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You need to buy him Nick of Time. It's WWII, not WWI, and it's fiction, but it's a fabulous book that he must read.


He likes playing Battleship & is trying to design a more strategic version of the game for dh's birthday next mo. I assigned it, so it's not exactly like it's his passion or anything, but he does love strategy games. It's an attempt (on my part) to give him more of a project-based, problem-based "exam."


When I started guiding him through the process of problem-based learning this morning, though, he gaped, & dd cried. What? We have to READ?? (They spend every spare moment reading, so what's up w/ that??)


But, no, I pointed out that there'd be movies, our neighbor is a veteran, etc. So he found the internet links in our WWI books & decided to start there (once I get off the computer), & he's reading some "How Things Work" books, etc.


He may not get anywhere w/ the game, but I figure he'll love learning about sea battles. And I think it's an under-studied aspect of war history. Could be just because I don't know anything about it though. :001_smile:

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say in WWI, what would you read/watch? This is for a 9yo boy.


There wasn't a ton of sea actions during WWI. You might look for a book about the Lusitania.


There were also some famous German sea raiders. Books by Hoyt are probably readable by a kid with high interest and strong reading ability.


If you move into WW2, then you could use Victory at Sea. It is black & white, but is quite good.

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