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FairytaleMama/Other Bloggers . . . I have a question, too!

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Looking at Fairy Tale Mama's blog, there are two things that I particularly like but can't figure out how to do. I have a blog at the same hosting site.


See how you/she ; ) have the tabs at the top and categories at the side? I'd like to do that.


Either I don't recognize the gadget title as doing what I want or . . . I don't know.


So, how can I get tabs at the top and categories at the side?



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For tabs at the top, that is a relatively new "thing" for blogger...I love it too!! :)


When you are typing a post or anywhere else behind the scenes on your blog, do you see where it says "edit pages" or "create page?"


These "pages" will be across the top of your blog - you have the capability to create up to 10 of them if you are with blogger. I think you can even choose if you want them on the side or on the top...


does that help??

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Yes! That was exactly it! Thanks!!!!


You know what . . . I just want to add that I made this blog a.g.e.s ago but we just never bonded. My chief complaint was that I coulnd't set it up just the way I wanted. I wanted categories. So, cool, I have them now.


Thank you, CandaceC!

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