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Dry inflamed skin-ways to help

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DD has a history of seasonal eczema, and with this cold, dry weather, anywhere she touches or her clothing touches, she's breaking out. I've already given her benedryl and basted her in cetaphil, and we have a humidifier going.


Is there anything else I should be doing? I don't really want to take her into the pediatrician for a prescription because at this time of year, if I take a generally healthy, but itchy, kid into the pediatrician, I'll have a sick one within a couple of days.

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Two things help this problem at our house: Vanicream (you will probably have to ask the pharmacist for this - I've never seen it out on the shelves) and plain Chapstick.


Have you used Vanicream before? It is a very plain -no dyes - no perfumes - no anything - kind of thick lotion that doesn't feel greasy or goopy after you put it on. Very moisturizing.


The Chapstick was my own little discovery when my 3yo had eczema on his face including completely around his eyes. Not fun. The Chapstick goes on smoothly and again, doesn't feel goopy or greasy once it is on. Make sure you use the plain kind, not the flavored.


Hope this helps! :)

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We use aquaphor and cut down on baths, even tepid ones.


At other times of year, we use baths of Dead Sea Salts to help with psoriasis, but if someone is already experiencing dry, itchy skin, then we don't add in more bathing.


We have gas heat, and one thing that I've been doing that seems to have really helped all of us is accidental.


In freshening up the house, I stopped using Febreeze, etc. several years ago. I also don't like most forms of air fresheners. Instead, I started mixing essential oils, like peppermint, lemon grass, etc. into distilled water in a spray bottle and spritzing rooms with that. It apparently also adds in enough humidity to help prevent us from getting the beginning of winter itchies that we'd always lived with before....

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