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How to honour dh's brother's memory at Christmas?

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Dh's only sibling died this year and we're all still grappling with it. He committed suicide - it was very unexpected. It's been a hard Christmas season for dh, being the first one without his brother. I'd like to do something special for dh to honour his brother's memory. I'm just not sure what.


Any ideas? Have any of you done something specific in memory of a loved one at Christmas?

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I would have a seperate place like a little table or small area with a picture on it or a memento so it feels more like he's "there" and being included.


I have never had to deal with this so I really dont know what I would do...this is just the first thing that popped into my head.


I will pray for your family during this time, It must be really hard.

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My dh's brother died 5 years ago unexpectedly and in the months afterward together we made a nice photo album. He also got some old home movies from the 1970's from his father and converted them to a format that made them watchable on a computer-don't know if they were actually DVDs or they were PDFs, and then gave them as gifts to his mom and dad.


We helped raise his son but I'm not sure I'd recommend that based on our experience : \

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