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Placement help: WWE & FLL for 9 yr old boy/12 yr old girl


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I need some help with deciding which levels of WWE and FLL to purchase for my 9 year old son and my 12 year old daughter.


DS 9 -

He reads very well.

He cannot spell. :001_huh:

He has had basically no grammar/writing instruction. (aside from handwriting)

He has done very little narration, no dictation, and some copywork.

He has been doing late 2nd grade - early 3rd grade work.


DD 12 -

She reads very well.

She spells fairly well.

Has had some formal grammar instruction and does fairly well.

Very little writing instruction.

Does narrations comfortably, very little dictation, some copywork.

Has been doing late 5th - early 6th grade work.


Yes, we are behind. :glare: Can anyone help? :bigear:

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For WWE I would get the hard back text, The Complete Writer, and just go through the example lessons (there are about 5 for each level). I would bet that will be almost enough to get the oldest through the whole program. (and if she just gets stuck on some of those level 4 dictations, I wouldn't hold her back, just choose the next writing program). My guess is the younger probably needs level 2, but it would be a more gentle start to use the examples from Level 1 in the text first.


I also think that you could do either FLL 3 or 4 for both of them. Or level 3 for the younger and something else for the older (R&S 5 or Hake on grade level). Or don't even start the younger yet, and pick a program that is more on level for the older. I wouldn't go back to FLL 1 or 2 for either.

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Thank you, that was very helpful!


I am thinking:


DS 9:


WWE 2 (will use workbook and guide)


DD 12:

Abeka Grammar C

Spectrum Writing 5 and 6

WWE ideas from Level 4 (just from guide)



My other little dilema is spelling for the 9 year old. He is a very strong reader, however he spells completely phonetically. He has had no formal spelling instruction, so I am thinking he very well may have to begin at level B in SWO. What do you think ladies, level B or C for starting out?




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