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Are we allowed to ask why a thread got deleted or a user banned?

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From the board rules/FAQ:


Will we delete (or close) posts?

At times, when threads get too intense, we have to delete (or close) them. Even threads that start off civil can quickly devolve into mayhem, and we may choose to preemptively close them. Please don't ask why the thread (or your post) was deleted. It wasn't necessarily something you said. Very likely, somebody before you or after you posted something that had to come down. Sometimes, the only way we can remove the troublesome posts is by removing the whole thread. And a question like "where did my post go?" or "where did the ________ discussion go?" only serves to bring the discussion back to the boards. Posts that ask "where is X post?" will be deleted. We may also delete posts that do not add to the topic at hand.

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