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Planning out science for 6th grade...need a bit of help


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I guess this thread could go on the middle grades forum, but she is still in 5th grade. Well, I might cross post.


We were hit and miss with science for the last few years, but she loves science and has read and learned quite a bit on her own. This semester we did God's Design for Science Human Body, which we all loved. My plan at the beginning of the year was to do 3 of the God's Design books this year, but with all that has happened in our family this year, we only got one done so far. According to my original plan we were going to do The Human Body book, The Planet Earth book, and the Universe book. I am going to go ahead and order The Universe book for after Christmas. I have an older version of The Planet Earth book, and she is getting a rock kit for Christmas so I think she will learn quite a bit on her own with that. I feel okay with only getting the Universe book done for the 2nd semester of this year.


Now to my conundrum. My plan is to do Apologia General Science in 7th grade. That could change, of course, lol. I would like to spend 6th grade doing some physical science and/or chemistry introduction. We have done PLENTY of life science. I like the God's Design series a lot, and I wouldn't mind continuing with that series. They have 3 books in their physical science set: Heat and Energy, Machines and Motion, and Inventions and Technology. They also have 3 books in their chemistry/ecosystems set: Properties of Matter, Properties of Atoms, and Properties of Ecosystems. Now obviously, I can't do 6 books in one year. I can either pick 3 and work hard to get them done (I'm pretty sure it will be doable), or find another science curriculum that combines physical science and chemistry. I really like God's Design because my middle daughter can join in, it is pretty open and go, and is not experiment heavy. So I would really like to stick with it for next year.


Would anyone like to help me pick 3 or 4 of the six titles that I listed above from the physical science and chemistry sets to do for 6th grade? If there is a similar curriculum that combines physical science and chemistry I would be willing to check that out. My husband prefers we not use secular science, so I am going to honor that.


And would Apologia General Science be a good curriculum for 7th grade? Does it only take one year? If you have other suggestions, I am open to those as well.


I have no idea why I am worryng about this so early, but I like to plan ahead. Not to mention, we will be using our tax money in February to buy our curriculum for next year. Gotta be prepared!

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