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Box day X's 2 today. Got my Science programs. Yes!!


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It's always so exciting when there's a package in the mail or the UPS guy stops by, isn't it?? So, I got two orders of Science stuff today. For my son, I got Galore Parks So You Really Want To Learn Science books 1 and 2. He's been a bit behind in most subjects, so I'm hoping if we cover these books it will be kind of a crash course for him. It sure seems to cover a lot.



Today I also received one of my dd's Science, for first grade, that we will be starting next month. We will be using McRuffy, but I wanted something more. I took a big leap of faith and ordered Purposeful Design. I was a little unsure, because the TE is very pricey and there isn't very many reviews about it. But, I decided to try it and ordered just a few days ago from Rainbow with their free shipping. Well...I have to say that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! It's BEAUTIFUL!! I'm really excited....I can't stop looking at it! :001_tt1:



Here's a little more information about it:


The student pages (called Student Booklets) is 192 pages and it's full of beautiful colorful pictures, diagrams, and photos. The pages look like they will be so much fun and educational.



The TE is spiral bound and is 233 pages. It tells you exactly what you need, what to do, and what you could say, for each lesson. Separately you receive 3 large posters, 24 colorful transparencies which you can use wipe off markers on (most of these seem to be pages that are already in the student booklets, but I think I'll put them on a pocket chart desktop easel we have when we do that lesson), and you also get 96 blackline masters; which are additional worksheets & tests. All the blackline masters and transparencies are 3-hole punched and I already put them in a binder. I figure, the blackline masters that you need to color, cut, or draw on I will photocopy. The test pages (with fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, etc) we can either use a wipe off clear sheet or just do it orally. This way, when we are done maybe I can resell the TE and get at least 1/2 back out of that investment; which I can then put towards PD level 2. :001_smile:



The supply list for this level of PD (as well as the other levels) is very, very doable. See this Materials List for levels 1-6 (the first 4 pages are for level 1). Most items you'll already have. There's only a short list of items that I don't have here (such as some 35mm film canisters, certain candy & nuts, seeds, tuning fork, pvc pipe, rope, sugar cubes, avacado, worms, sand, nutcracker, and beach ball....I do have a blow up globe I could use). So you see...the hard to find items aren't that hard to come up with (the list of items for RSO kind of overwhelmed me).



Well, that's about it....for now. Once we use it for awhile maybe I can give a review. Sorry to ramble on and on about it. I just am really happy about this! :001_wub:

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