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Constitutional Law course by Michael Farris

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I was able to borrow Michael Farris' text, "Constitutional Law for Enlightened Citizens" from a fellow homeschool mom. The one semester course introduces the historical overview of the Constitution and then proceeds to teach how to read Supreme court cases. Approximately twenty-six Supreme court cases are described and discussed. I like Mr. Farris' premise for the course, to enlighten students about the origin and purpose of the United States Constitution.


Here is an excerpt from Mr. Farris' introduction:


In short, after this course you will be an enlightened citizen. And I firmly believe that a determined group of enlightened citizens can work through the political processes given us by the Founders, challenging and modifying the Supreme Court to return this nation to the intentions and spirit of our founding. We can win this battle, but not without the right principles and not without the required knowledge.


Originally this course was designed for high school students in homeshcooling. But it has become obvious in the intervening years that every citizen of this nation needs to become an enlightened citizen. It is my goal to have tens of thousands of teens and adults take this course. A small army of those who believe in freedom, are instructed in the truth, and are willing to work hard can reclaim this nation in the spirit of the American founding.

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Denise, Leonor, or others --


I'm wondering about how much time is required for a student to complete this course. I read on the HSLDA website that it is a 1 semester course, but can you guess from looking at the book how much time/wk it would take. Maybe the person who you borrowed it from could guess?


Also -- does it come with lesson plans, tests, etc?


TIA for any insight,


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My ds took it Fall 2009 he was 15 in 10th grade.


It was not a heavy course. Maximum 1 hr/day. No more than 5hrs/wk, if that. It was a great course.


They learn to read the cases and do case briefs. They have an audio cd of lectures by Dr. Farris. They have online chats or class meeting every couple of weeks.


They have quizzes that are not recorded by them or graded. The student takes them on their own just for your own purposes.


There is a midterm and a final. Which Dr. Farris grades and makes comments on the papers and they are returned by mail. Both tests are fictional cases that the student then has to pretend he/she is a judge and write the opinion. This was a great experience.



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