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Anyone use Connections Academy


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Probably the wrong place to ask.. but I'm going to anyway.


I just read that they were approved for the 2011 - 2012 school year here. And I can't say that free curriculum and all doesn't intrigue me, if anything for the fact that they will go through high school in our state and it would earn DS a high school diploma.


We're loosely classical but mainly eclectic homeschoolers. So I'm not sure their curriculum would even fit in with what we are doing or the fact that DS is advanced in math.


So I'm just looking for those that have used it. The pros / cons. How easy / hard it would be to supplement. What happens if DS works faster than expected? Will they go up a grade level mid year?

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Because of dd's anxiety & behavior issues, we are considering doing this for next year (hoping it's a temporary thing).


I'm hoping to put dd & ds both in 3rd grade next year, if they will allow it. Technically, dd would be 4th, but there's no way she's ready for that with a virtual school. Ds would technically be 2nd, but he's doing a solid 2nd grade this year, so he'd be fine with 3rd.

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I have friends who use it (or used it and abandoned it). They all HATED the busywork aspects. It took a lot of time to get through the tons of pointless, useless things the kids had to do.


I only know a few people who didn't abandon it this year. Even my friend who really liked it last year is seriously disliking it this year. They've apparently made a lot more hoops to jump through.

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