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Shurley English jingles only?


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I am trying to figure out a plan here.


Someone lent me some Shurley English materials to look at and I am debating.


It looks a bit daunting from the TG, but I haven't looked at the student workbooks yet.


I see that there is a Jingles only CD and it says it can be used with any program as it is just jingles.


Do you think this would work?



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Shurley does look daunting at first. Because it's scripted, there is a lot of information in the TM! Reading through a week or two might help you get the pace and figure out what you want to use and what you want to leave out. I don't use the script, and I often combine several days together. We also don't use the Shurley writing so we skip one of those lessons every week.


Back to your question: yes, you could use the jingles along with another grammar program. You would just introduce the jingle as you come to that concept in the other grammar book. FWIW, we don't sing the jingles, but rhythmically chant them. The tunes didn't really work for us. :tongue_smilie: YMMV. :001_smile:




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