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Car woes!! Can I have a little cheese with this whine?

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Bad news: No car for 8 days now since the transmission went out.

More Bad News: Need to replace 1st, 2nd and 5th gears and the clutch.

More Bad News: Nobody carries manual transmission parts locally so they have to be ordered from the dealer.

More Bad News: Soonest complete date - mid next week.

Worst news: $$$$ Still cheaper than replacing the car, though.


Just after we adopted a larger family for Christmas, just after we splurged on a nice family gift, just after I paid college tuition for my son's class next semester.


I think I better go re-read the bad gift posts. I need some belly laughs to pull me out of this "Bah, Humbug" mood!

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Feel your pain only it's dd's car and I am about sick of it. We had it in the shop for the 4th time for the same exact reason and they still did not get it fixed. We still shelled out $$ for the work that was done that was unneeded because that wasn't the problem. So, dh spends 4hrs on it doing what he had asked them to do in the first place, problem fixed--right? Well.....yes that problem was but now the stupid car won't start. We believe it is the battery but this is the second time in a week that it hasn't started and it's a pain to try and manage with her not having a car.


I am just sick of it and so is she.

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