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Ok.... We're getting Netflix... What's the best deal??

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We got rid of our cable too after reading so many responses to the a thread on this site. We also have the $9.99 one. We get one dvd out at a time, and there's no limit, as the other poster said.


My only issue was I got tired of watching it on the computers. We didn't have a system that would stream it on our tv. So we went and purchased a Roku box. It hooks up to the tv and the internet, and we are able to stream Netflix and the other channels that Roku offers.


I'm very satisfied with the Netflix subscription and our Roku box. We watch things when we want and there's plenty of shows and movies to keep us busy. We are also on a trial for Hulu + ...It's not bad.


I think you'll be happy. We may increase our Netflix subscription to 2 dvds out after FEB. We haven't had a problem yet with them.


Good luck!

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We have the 9.99 one where you can get shows and movies streaming over the internet as well as dvds one at a time. There is no limit on how many dvds you can get a month.


This is what we have, also, and the turn around on sending back and getting new movies is quite fast now. It's definitely improved over the past couple of years. Since there aren't a lot of movies/shows on disc that we want to watch, the 1 DVD out at a time is enough.

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We're netflix hogs here. We have the 5 out at a time plan, one for me, one for dh and one for each child. Usually dh is at sea so I get 2 at a time then. We also have 2 Wiis that can stream video to our living room TV and the kids playroom TV. Yes we're a tech heavy family, so netflix wasn't replacing anything for us, it was in addition to the Directv.


I think it really depends on how much you like to watch things.

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We just started our trial last night - got on Friday and watched our first movie (Schindler's List) last night. It's amazing how fast they are.


One disk out at a time is going to be plenty for us. We might even cut back to the 2 disks total a month. Of course, we don't watch much TV and still have Dish so we can watch a few things live (news, sports) and that probably makes a difference. We're in an area that can't get high speed internet, so watching things on there is not an option for us.


I love having oodles of movies and TV shows to choose from, but I don't plan to increase our TV watching time overall. I mainly want to catch up on movies I want my boys to see that I can't really find elsewhere (plus, perhaps, some older TV shows).

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