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HELP! I am coughing so hard my head hurts & can't sleep

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When you have a bad coughing spell, do you get to the point that you make a loud noise trying to breath in? Whooping cough (pertussis) is going around. It is VERY contagious--you just have to be in the same Walmart as someone who is coughing who has it--it goes airborne and bounces around rapidly from one end of the store to the other. Vaccinations wear off, and adults are getting it. Every year.


I had it. Ugh.


If there is any chance, you need to get tested and be put on antibiotics or you could have this until June. Really.


Either way, I've had pneumonia, bronchitis, pleurisy...you name it. My lungs ACHE often. I broke a rib coughing when I had pneumonia once. This is what works for me:


Onions or garlic. Raw. Always raw, not cooked. Never cooked.


These give you halitosis...you know, bad breath. The oils settle in the lungs and they are very, very soothing. I use to eat an onion sandwich (2 slices of bread, butter, green onions) before going to bed when I had whooping cough. It was the only thing that seemed to work. Since then I've used it for bronchitis, pleurisy, pneumonia, allergies that settled in the lungs...everything. If onion sandwiches aren't for you, add them to hamburgers, salads--anything you can. Do it especially before bed. I'd sit in the chair after my sandwich and wait to get sleepy and then I'd slip into bed and sleep. The raw stuff worked when all the over-the-counter and prescription meds failed.


Warning: do not eat them on an empty stomach. Upset stomachs/vomiting does not help the lung condition.


Do you have any eucalyptus oil in the house? Put it water--steam it on the stove or in a open crockpot set on high with the lid off (this one can go in the bedroom). It as a soothing antibiotic-like affect on the lungs.


Raising the head of your bed a couple of inches helps, too



Take care of yourself.



P.S. I only "whooped" once when I had it (that's how they describe the sound you make when you are trying to catch your breath), but I nearly coughed my lungs out of my body. It is worth it to get the WC test.

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