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Any Knifty Knitter users here?

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I'm super excited! My children got me a Knifty Knitter set for Christmas (I know, cuz I bought it!, lol!).


I once took a class at Michaels to learn to knit. Did okay while in class, but could never get the hang of it at home.


Learned how to crochet from a CD-Rom I bought at Michaels. I did decent at that, but apparently, I am either to anal or not anal enough. I hated counting rows, so never did, but then my scarves never were exactly perfect. Once too often I would find I had skipped a stitch, so would unravel until I got to it to fix it. It would literally take me 2-3 months to finish a scarf. That irks me because my sister can do one in a weekend (albeit she has no children).


Thinking I am going to LOVE the Knifty Knitter looms! Are they as easy as they look? Are they addicting?? Any good sites for free patterns?

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My mom has a set that she uses to knit baby hats for charity. We were visiting one time when my oldest was 5 and my mom taught DD to knit a hat. DD loved it so I got her a set that year for Christmas. She used it a bit but I got addicted the following year when I was pregnant with #3. I used to have to go twice per week for non-stress tests and knitting helped me pass the time while hooked up to the monitor.

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